ChargeBee Recurring Billing and Invoicing for Online Business

30+ payment gateways supported globally.

  • Anand Gupta
  • Anand Gupta

    thanks for the post & have a nice journey :)

  • Augustus

    If you have a C-corp and use a US based gateway, won’t your Indian customers be charged in US dollars? If that is the case, wouldn’t the customer be charged additional charge for making a international purchase, by the bank issuing the customer’s credit card?

  • Krish Subramanian

    @Augustus, You are right. It is another drawback. Customer incurs additional exchange rate charge on credit card for any non-INR purchase.

  • Augustus

    A related question. The consumer loans in India seem to be able to direct debit the customer’s bank account in a recurring fashion. Is something like this possible for recurring SaaS billing? in other words, what does it take to be able to directly debit the customer’s bank account?

  • Krish Subramanian

    @Augustus, Interesting question. I had just edited my post to include it. Yes ECS (Electronic Clearing Service) is an option, which is provided by some of these gateways for recurring charges. However, it lacks the flexibility required for SaaS application as the solution is too rigid. Besides there is a lack of trust factor on the part of customers. Nevertheless, it is an option to explore for certain businesses.The alternate option could be giving control of payment to customers themselves, through something like But this requires more thought to explore this option.

  • shiv kumar agrawal

    this is the Best blog ever seen by me… could you please recommend me the best payment gateway for our business operating in India. we are Orissa based company soon going to launch a new online business.

  • shiv kumar agrawal

    please email me the recommendation.

  • Krish Subramanian

    Thanks Shiv Kumar. I could not locate your email id. Please drop me a mail at krish [ at] and we can chat about this.

  • Magesh

    Nice Post! Thanks for sharing it

  • crozzfire

    I had recently stumbled upon . Seems like this is the best way to add cash to your paypal account in case if your account is not linked with a credit card. Normally, when there is insuficient balance in paypal, it pulls the remainder from the credit card linked. But many a times a when a credit card is not linked (in case of foreign debit cards, Virtual Credit cards etc) it will fail. Has anyone used this service before ?

  • apu

    How does one join the Chennai Open Coffee Club or request an invite? The Ning page says, ‘by invitation only’.

  • Ram

    How about bank transfers advantages/disadvantages. Any heads up on charges for transaction within India and overseas transaction will be helpful.

  • Krish Subramanian

    @apu, You can subscribe to OCC via google groups, to participate in discussions and also get notified about meetings. @Ram, I am trying to gather information on the topics you have mentioned. I will be sure to keep you posted, based on experiences of different startups.

  • Vagmi Mudumbai

    You must look at We are using it for our product Their charges are a little steep 8.9% per transaction and a $15 wire transfer fee without any sort of an upfront fee. But it still works out cheaper in the short run as an alternative to incorporating in the US. I am in the final leg of integrating this payment gateway with our application. I will blog about it once done on Dharanasoft’s blog (

  • albertalbs

    We are expecting competitive application for payment gateway. But in Chargebee, I have to depend on another Payment Gateway. ! :(

  • Krish Subramanian

    @albertalbs, at this point of time, we are on the same side with dependency on existing players and I understand your predicament. (In my case, we are integrators working with 3rd parties like gateways, banks etc.,). We’ll be sure to work out the best possible ways to remain competitive in terms of pricing, the best customer support and features. I think that is definitely a promise we can keep. And we want to make it simpler for customers to reach out to one place to get everything. We will get there. Till then, I am as open as you are in sharing the possible options currently in market and to make the best use of it for our businesses.

  • Krish Subramanian

    @Vagmi Mudumbai, Thanks for the suggestion. Glad there is a good alternative available though at a steep price. Have included your suggestion in the blog.

  • Ram

    This sounds interesting. Any feedback from people who used their service will be appreciated.

  • Sundarram P V

    Great post! People have always been bitching about the state of payment gateways(india). High time someone took the problem on its head.Anyone who has ever used EBS / ccavenue has never been happy.Their API and integration sucks. The worst is the drop off rate. The whole user experience sucks.Their charges for a crappy service is too undeserving.Are there any RBI regulations to become a payment gateway. The whole ecommerce scene here could do well with someone with a super clean API & excellent reliability(60-80% wont cut it).P.S.: I am just as guilty of bitching & doing nothing about it.

  • websnacker

    Went the US company route years ago but great to see some upward traction in the online payment scene in India finally! EBS, CC Avenue and the rest all suck. PayPal cheats. So, I hope ChargeBee is not just one more old wine in a new bottle.

  • Rajandran

    Checked with HDFC Bank. Its seems they are providing gateway for their account current account holders at free of cost and there are no one time setup fee and also per transaction charges are as low as 2%. No Idea how far this is true and also they mentioned they wont accept international transaction as you need special license to proceed that. I guess in that case paypal comes to rescue.Any better way of doing it?

  • Krish Subramanian

    Thanks for the comment Rajendran. I am going to make the switch to HDFC Bank and will definitely check with them. This could be for high value customers. If they do provide an option without setup fee and at such low rates that is great.

  • Joseph Jude

    Is it necessary to obtain IEC code for any of these options? Specifically if I go with paypal to test waters, should I still go for IEC code? – Thx

  • albertalbs

    @Joseph Jude: Even though if we have IEC code PayPal won’t allow any Indian merchants for selling in online. We need to open a PayPal account from some other countries that serves merchant services. For example: Sri Lanka, Maldives, United States, etc. Currently India is the only growing country suffering in Internet payments. Our neighborhood countries do not have these types of difficulties.

  • Krish Subramanian

    @albertalbs Not sure I understand you correctly. Did you mean you can’t sell using PayPal within India?

  • albertalbs

    @Krish: Yes I processed one payment via PayPal from one India resident; PayPal reversed the payment and told it is not allowed in India. At the same time I processed payment form one of my Sri Lankan friend and it is added to my balance.

  • albertalbs

    @Krish: Yes. Using PayPal an Indian merchant cannot sell it to same Indian customers. At the same time; An US merchant can sell it to Indian customers in USD. Hope you got my point.

  • Krish Subramanian

    Right. PayPal transactions are allowed only for buyers from outside India and not within India. And you can’t retain money as PayPal balance & use it for buying other services. RBI stepped in to make these changes as it opens up a loop hole in their perspective.To answer Joseph Jude’s question, yes you should get IEC to use PayPal. And PayPal in Indian context can only be used to sell to customers abroad (and you are an exporter).

  • Arun

    Very informative blog Krish. I am in the process of initiating a service export company. Could you send me more details about, how to go about gateway for charging international cutomers like from US/ UK? I need the following info1. Activation charge2. Annual maintenance fee3. Payment cycle4. Security5. Transaction fee6. Chargeback

  • gyanindia

    As compare to CCAvenue, EBS is more reliable, less expensive Payment gateway in India, I REALLY recommend EBS…

  • chrisnw

    For Indian based companies are there any RBI / FEMA and Income Tax rules and regulations to be followed while using this service.
    eg. This is as the company will be charging customers in USD and routing the money to an Indian Bank.

  • cbkrish

    @chrisnw This particular discussion is more informative about taxes applicable for Indian SAAS businesses:

  • Charan J

    EBS is a pioneer payment gateway provider in india, who is associated with multiple acquiring Banks for providing Payment Gateway services to offer Master, Visa, Diners, AMEX, JCB, PAYPAL, EMI OPTIONS, Net Banking & Cash Card brands on a single platform. Our offices are spread out in the Metros of Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Hyderabad, Banglore, Ahmedabad & Chennai and a network of associates span across the country, for easy reach and to provide personal attention, service and consultation. Please feel free to call on 9828 999 663 or Drop a mail to

  • Nancy

    For Indian Startups I will suggest fethr, Zaakpay or best Citruspay.

    – All of them have lesser than 3% transaction fee.
    – Almost no (or minimal) setup fee.
    – No AMC.
    – Good customer and technical support.

    Some more points worth considering..
    – Zaakpay has 2 steps payment process.
    – Citrus has one step payment process.
    – Zaakpay as well as Citrus have Mobile payment options.
    – Fethr is a startup.

    – Nancy
    Working at (Find All Stores at One Place)

  • Nicole

    One of the best online payment gateway in India is

  • Santy

    Our stealth mode Startup is in process of developing global online PR/Marketing option for startup, etc, which charges customer in USD currency only, can we use Paypal credit card payment gateway for charging customer (including Indian Resident/Indian Card holder ?) ? Also, albertalbs below mentioned paypal hold the funds from Indian resident, but we are charging in USD only and not in INR, any thought whether we can use Paypal or you think any limitation/issues in future? If issue, what is the best possible alternative? Appreciate your help.