Where’s Your SaaS Revenue Leaking?

Get to the root cause of your SaaS finance pains. Plug revenue leaks with in-depth Leakage & A/R reports.

Upgrade Your
SaaS Revenue Operations
Get consistent reports and unified views for the customer-facing roles, ops teams, and business executives.
Minimize your revenue leakage with reports on leakage and MRR from all coupon campaigns, and credit notes.
Improve revenue recovery with reports on dunning, failed transactions, and refunds segmented by payment gateways.
Get deeper than subscriptions by aggregating billing and collections at the customer and account level.

The Revenue You See
Ain’t the Revenue You Get.

Subscription Revenue Reporting an Analytics

We think we’d know exactly how much subscription revenue we make right now. But after accounting for all the leakage from coupons, credit notes, failed payments and cancellations? The actual revenue you realize in your SaaS application could be hidden deep within your sales, finance and subscriptions workflow. Billing Analytics reports in Chargebee surface the money actually hitting the bank, and compare it to the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) value you’d forecast. And you get to analyze which part comes from new sales, new geographies, plans, and even the non-recurring components of your subscription business.

Revenue reporting and analytics

Plug the Leaks in Your
Revenue Plumbing

Discount campaigns and promotional credits drive in new MRR that month, sure. But when your finance team finally does the math, they eventually end up sucking the living revenue out of you. Overdue invoices and aged receivables come in a close second in the things clogging your subscription revenue flow. Receivables and Leakage Analytics reports in Chargebee let you identify the source of your revenue leakage. Contextualize revenue leaks from each coupon by visualizing it alongside the New MRR you’re generating from the campaign. But that’s not all. Draw A/R Aging reports to see which receivables are stuck at unmanned procurement desks.

“With the adoption of Chargebee as one factor, we’ve grown our MRR by over 35% in the last eight months. We’ve reduced churn by almost 100%. We’ve made the team more effective, more informed, and more empowered to help our customers. For Whiteboard, Chargebee has been a pivotal and indispensable tool.”

You Need to Know Why
That Payment Failed!

Track and report recurring payments

Not all payment gateways are the same. Not all payment methods are equal. Credit cards expire. Direct debit mandates get cancelled. And Apple Pay… well it could just be Apple Pay. With Transaction Analytics reports, you can analyze which payment gateway and method causes the most payment failures, and juxtapose it with gross cash flow by payment gateway and method, to optimize for payment failures. And once you’ve got those metrics sorted, perhaps you’d want a Smarter Retry and Dunning process to aid your recovery?

Recover 70%+ of your involuntary churn with Smart Dunning