Upsell with grace, add value and revenue.

Extra chunky spaghetti sauce. A latte with extra cream. Extras are all around us. Chargebee’s add-ons system lets you manage as many of them as you’d want.
Create Add ons

Create Recurring and Non-recurring Add ons

Create Add ons

For a subscription business, some products are recurring, and some aren’t. A pre-defined pricing model for those ones can get you - a better pricing control, the option to apply discounts just on specific products, and accurate revenue reporting. With Chargebee's admin console and API, creating and managing add ons is simple.

Usage based pricing made easy

More than one lever should drive your SaaS pricing, feature-based pricing makes things one-dimensional. It's easy to set up any additional user licenses as your parameter to define pricing as an add on. Similarly, charge customers based on usage at the end of the billing cycle.

Flexible Pricing Bundles

Chargebee gives you the freedom to define associations between plans and add ons. No strict rules. No strings attached. Your application’s logic may impose certain rules, as required by business, leaving Chargebee to manage your bundle pricing and charge accurately.


Upsell with confidence


Great teams always introduce new product offerings that bring value added services to existing customers to expand revenue. Add ons are a great way to add more value to your product & upsell, without having to set up separate plans.

Tax is contextual and evolving

Certain products and services may be exempt from taxes. To address all these scenarios, instead of changing your application logic you can handle changes with simple configuration changes and also override business rules to create exceptions.

Feature sets were similar, but many of your competitors don’t support multiple languages, and this was a major factor to choose Chargebee - small things that make a big difference.
Cliff des Ligneris, Product Manager, Doodle