One-click trial extensions

Everybody misses deadlines once in a while. When prospects ask for a trial extension, we always oblige! Let your support team just pick a date, add a note and voila! you’re all set to extend the trial.

Trial Ending Reminders

Chargebee lets you send out automatic emails before a trial’s end and maximize opportunities of an upgrade. Additionally you can also set up webhooks, automate the process and just forget about it.

Set up smart drip campaigns

Pick all your trial customers, filter based on necessary criteria and run marketing drip campaigns. Chargebee has a custom integration with Mailchimp and Zapier, which just makes it better.

Built for Developers

By providing you a much needed layer of abstraction, and eliminating complexities, Chargebee's API is built to handle all your billing edge cases without messing up your working code. And not to mention the in-depth API documentation, client libraries, and exhaustive webhooks that would just make life simpler!

More for Developers